Bui Quang Khiem – paintings of wind and water

Bui Quang Khiem’s paintings, using Chinese ink on rice paper, reflect on the woman as artist, and more broadly on the enigmatic beauty of the female form. Along with the paintings will be shown a short film exposing the artist at work, guided onward by the mysterious twists of his art.


Bui Quang Khiem, inspired by traditional calligraphic methods, has over the past ten years, developed his own techniques and style which play freely with the diffusion of water in very fine rice paper. His precise brush strokes connect with ancestral calligraphic arts which require in-the-moment concentration for the spirit to transmit its essence dynamically to the brush and convey the conceived line to paper. What is fascinating about his paintings is their simultaneous self-control and freedom. It is about accepting the uncontrollable spread of the water mixing with ink through the paper and letting one’s imagination flow with it. The artist, as he begins, never knows what his brush will generate. This is why his strokes have been filmed, to capture each unique genesis, which he can never reproduce as the unforeseeable becomes seen.

Bui Quang Khiem also paints with lacquer aquarelle and oil which he uses to investigate the beauty found at the boundary between the illusory and the real. In his latest series he depicts the seasons of the year through the transformations of a tree. Born in 1970, he received a degree in painting and graphic design from the Fine Arts University of Hanoi. He was a prize winner at the 1997 Hanoi Fine Arts Festival.

(from Hanoi Grapevine )