Artist Vu Bich Thuy looks out to the world

from the window of her house at the Red River Bank

(Assoc. Dr. Nguyen Thi Minh Thai)

Artist Vu Bich Thuy is a woman who only paints through her own views from the windowsill at the Red Riverbank in Hanoi and sees the whole world in endless style.

The first solo exhibition was named by herself in a very simply but very sexy way “Beyond the Windowsill”. Dozens of paintings were presented harmoniously in this exhibition, both as a result of her creative process and as a naturally denouncing the status of Thuy's painting, as if she is being possessed…

“Beyond the Windowsill”, it turned out to be Thuy wanted to see, to wish for delusion, to start the external view from within. 

Until the age of fifty, Thuy did not know why, she suddenly flashed her mind full of thoughtful thoughts, so, it seemed all that Thuy saw outside the window, suddenly, became fluttered in a daze and wandered, fuzzy, as in the mist of the past.

Vu Bich THuy                                                           

                                            (Vu Bich Thuy's first solo exhibition)

And because of being surrendered from the inner fullness, her solo exhibition exudes a unique beauty - the specific symbolic beauty of the East. Outside is suddenly beautiful, because it is illuminated magically from within.

It is no coincidence that all the scenes Thuy paints on the canvas,  she only chooses an acrylic material, which is itself fragile material. The difficulty of acrylic material is its base on plastic, so the surface of painting is often slippery and slippery. However, this became a challenge and forced the artist to solve it by painting many layers of color.

Due to being applied by many mariners, covered with many layers of colors, taking advantage of the good side of this material which is quickly dried, all her paintings have strong strokes, making the scenes simple, realistic and suddenly displaying poignant thoughts of the artist.

And the more Thuy painted, the more intoxicating and interesting she was to ponder her life and letting go of her heart, freely finding the contour, graphics, and colors of her paintings, only towards simple objects: one familiar kitchen furniture, a scene of Hanoi's old town in the rain, a dreamy open window, a cloudy blue sky on the street, a small garden quiet after the summer rain and flowers and trees ... Thuy was named all of these beautiful scenes very real such as: Northern winds, overlooking North Street, Close to the door, Relaxation, Living room, After the rain, Early fflowers, etc.

But once they were added to her paintings, all the scenes showed their flavor, their strange colors, they were suddenly pushed into the abnormal deviations of the lines, composition, and colors ...  which may cause the viewers astonishing, surprising, even shocking because of the strange beauty.

I suspect that Thuy's paintings can make the viewer suddenly no longer pay attention to the name of the artworks which were drawn by the artist herself. Instead of reading the name of the painting “Street Market” for example, we just see right away, by intuitive indication, that the painting has a graceful undulating layout, with circular motions in deep, warm, and harmonious colors, shimmering a view of all the crowded and hustle and bustle of the old Vietnamese village market, though none of the details in the paintings seem real, the real market is noisy and noisy ...


 (One of her painting at the solo exhibition)

Because the artist is a Vietnamese, and the Vietnamese woman who is living in Hanoi so long that Hanoi is so nostalgic during the time she has studied fine arts in Germany.

So it is not difficult to realize, the unique charm of a Vietnamese woman soul wholeheartedly in life, happily indrawing, with the basic knowledge from eastern fine arts, has created paintings innocently on the oriental abstract qualities. 

And therefore, the viewers have seen the series of vivid paintings by woman artist Vu Bich Thuy who just looks through the windowsill at the Red River bank of Hanoi and saw the world in endless style…