Painter Hoang Hong Cam – Living as well as Painting

Hoang Hong Cam's paintings have their own characteristics, very special: sometimes happiness, sometimes depression, sometimes installation and sometimes improvisation. Is the contradiction in the work originating from the soul of a person who is much concerned, contemplated and easily touched by the changes of everything?

Hoang Hong Cam did not step right into the fine-arts at first. He started from the play, the ten-year-old boy joined by accident into competitions and matriculated at the same time the two troupes but he has refused all and then embarked on the world of pictures and colors. However, the artist’s blood up to now has not lost.  Not acting on stage, he acted in real life, just for fun for a while, to any friend who was very close to him, just like the way he paints to repay the beloved ones. This characteristic made Hoang Hong Cam’s paintings and lifestyle become lovely idyllic. If one day he did not see a few friends and drink anything, he seemed uneasy, but his paintings are still lonely, pure and melancholy.


 Young Girl and the light (collection of Dong Phong Art Gallery)

Each of Hoang Hong Cam’s painting is a state of loneliness emanating from color and image. The people, most of them are women, have completely bewildered, outdated faces, alone in the fluttering space of half real and half naughty, beside a chicken, a fish or a lamp which made us feel that their appearance is to increase the loneliness than to share. Hong Cam often painted anonymous, idyllic people, who carry with them a deep sense of fear, with no need to bother anyone, just look around and scurry somewhere in the dim space of the sacred silence. Beside the loneliness of the young woman, there was an old lamp calmly, not harsh, not seeking, just shining, quietly as a control, a reminder. The lamp is both a sky light, a central light and a vulgar light. They  are also lightening forever, beyond time, through space, through the ups and downs of the world, just to do right with their natural functions.


A.Self portrait,2010

    Selfportrait (Collection of Dong Phong Art Gallery)                                                             

However, even though the brush sketched gentle, serene images, Hoang Hong Cam's appearance was a bit headstrong. His buzz-cut hairstyle and stubborn appearance make outsiders feel uncomfortable and a little frightened. But inside of such appearance, he would reveal a completely different person, a reckless, artist and kind person. Moved when hearing he sang: “Thôi về đi, đường trần đâu có gì, tóc xanh mấy mùa, có nhiều khi từ vườn khuya bước về, bàn chân ai rất nhẹ...

(St Nguoi Dep newspaper)