Balance +



The nature of an artist is to be self-liberated, broad-minded and ever-researching; the nature of a family is to be responsible, obligated, caring and sacrificial. The artist and the family seem to be opposite, but still have their common ground. Self-esteem is satisfied through the creation of paintings, while emotion stems from family stories. Both exist and nurture each other in creating works of art.

We already know Ly Hung Anh for his monochromatic, realistic paintings, which are simple and yet delicate and emotional. This time, we will admire his latest series of abstract paintings entitled “ Balance+”. This work can seen as a creative breathing-space to experience the changing of life. Colours seem to conflict with each other, just like in debates; confrontations occur opposing generations or concepts.

Balance in motion reflects the emotions of the artist. Inner harmony grows from the changes of colours, arrays and strokes. Every story has its own solution.

“Balance+” reflects the release of stress in the artist’s life. Balance is found between spiritual and physical life, between creation and reality.

Welcome to Dong Phong Art Gallery, #3 Ly Dao Thanh street, Hoan Kiem district in Hanoi to contemplate the paintings by Ly Hung Anh at the solo exhibition “Balance+”, from 25 November to 25 December, 2018.