Exhibition: 09 Sep – 09 Oct 2014
Dong Phong Art Gallery

Catalyst is a mini-show that marks a new turn for the talented artist Le Quy Tong. His reputation is already well established through plenty of remarkable works of art with multiple themes: the structures of bridges, roads and architecture, weapons, and expressionist portraits. In this exhibition, however, Le Tong brings us new paintings from his continuous work with new kinds of materials over the past two years (from early 2013 to September 2014).

The artist gives us the following heartfelt statement to help us understand and feel the artworks for ourselves.

“I really like the idea of diverting or altering the initial meaning of a random image. The materials used for my creativity are mainly images from public media and available on the internet. The images could be anything from entertainment, traditional culture to history, world culture or past and present images of sexual-emotional changes. I intend to create different emotional sensations through the interactions between these images. The sensations could be a new conflicting mode, an incredulous perception, a stimulating reminiscence, perceptions of the present or a fundamental personal value, all of which give viewers different ways of understanding and feeling.

No judgment or conclusions are needed.

In this exhibition, I do not intend to create a specific message. My only concern is to create a catalyst for thinking.” (Le Quy Tong)


Dong Phong Art Gallery may be the last catalyst we need to get closer to Le Quy Tong's art.