Colourful Beliefs



Exhibition: 15 Nov - 15 Dec. 2014

Time: 9:30 a.m - 6:30 p.m

On the occassion of the upcoming Christmas season, Dong Phong Art Gallery is pleased to introduce a new exhibition called “Colourful Beliefs” which is featuring an interesting co-ordination between the talented Ly Hung Anh’s paintings and well-established Vuong Thao’s living fossils with a new nuance.


These are Ly Hung Anh’s impressions and feelings when he created and chose paintings for this Show: “Belief should be a huge or a tiny issue, shouldn’t it? What does the innocent believe in? Do we see that charm or beauty ? Does creativeness go along with belief? I want to be the innocent guy with a small belief even if I have only one day with it. I follow simple things and find my own belief in them!”. the paintings at the show have expressed his belief: gentle, innocent, simple, no grand declaration…

Meanwhile, Vuong Thao’s transparent fossils are rough and cracked, but reflect the glittering lights in many directions like an aureola which makes the statues inside of the fossil cubes looked like they are floating in the air. All fossilized “Uncle Teu” or “Buddha” statues have portrayed larger beliefs. Do these beliefs portray wisdom or stupidity (or naivety)?!



Please come to the Exhibition “Colourful Beliefs” from 15 Nov. to 15 Dec at #3 Ly Dao Thanh street and enjoy these beautiful pieces and find your own true answers.