Renewal Paintings


The Gallery at 3 Ly Dao Thanh street has just renewed with some recent art-works by some friend-artists. Welcome!

Ly Hung Anh, born in 1975 in Hanoi, is known for his simple, less-use-of-colors but rich-in-expressing-emotion style of painting. He is self-studied painting at home and learned from peer artists such as Hoang Hai Anh, Doan Hoang Lam, etc. His paintings are concerned with close subjects in everyday life. For him, not only human but the small objects from the chair, old shoes, to the waiting room at the morgue ... have their own fate and soul. 

IMG_3955(Note: Ly Hung Anh's painting on the right - Doan Xuan Tang's painting on the left)

Doan Xuan Tang, born in 1977, dedicated to the subject of culture and scenery of Vietnam's northern mountain part. With the eyes of an ethnographer studying the remote Northwest region, his paintings are part documentation and part expression, lead the viewer to a mountainous world which is both very lyrical, poetic as well as vibrant and brilliant. 

IMG_4011(Note: Hoang Duy Vang's painting - Nguyen Duong's - Doan Xuan Tang's)

Nguyen Duong, born in 1981, wants to find the spirit of things and phenomena, so he choose abstract language to draw. Because, he feels when he draw an image, it is likely that the painter and the viewers will be dominated by the reality/external image in terms of ideas and images, while abstraction is less dominated, so it is easy to focus directly on the emotion inside.

IMG_3958(Note: Nguyen Duong's painting - Luu Vu Long's)

Luu Vu Long, born in 1976paints the world through children's eyes. His works featured by the the raw, black brush strokes, rough and vivid colors taken directly from the color tubes create a colorful and vibrant world which is both playful and liberal and convey to viewers the feelings of innocence and happiness that seem to be found only through children's eyes.

IMG_3984(Note: Luu Vu Long's painting)

Hoang Duy Vang, born in 1980is an artist who participates in Hanoi's painting activities. He shapes with abstract paintings, and often uses the trick of breaking the surface of the picture with lines and colors that are not in a certain direction

IMG_3977(Note: Hoang Duy Vang's painting)

Vu Duc Trung, born in 1981, is a contemporary Vietnamese painter whose works recall the landscapes of the Impressionists. Using the traditional method of lacquer painting, Trung layers shades over each other to produce a shimmering surface.