Vision 2



Exhibition: 29 September - 29 October 2016

Opening: 5p.m

The artist Nguyen Cong Cu held his first solo exhibition “VISION” at Dong Phong Art Gallery in 2002. Since then, Cu has participated in several group exhibitions in Vietnam, Thailand and USA. This year, he will return to Dong Phong Gallery with his second solo exhibition “VISION 2”. Nguyen Cong Cu’s work will be on display in the Dong Phong gallery No. 3 Ly Dao Thanh Street, from 29 September to 29 October 2016.

All emotions of anger, sadness, happiness and social frustrations are expressed in these works using  the artist’ technique of collage and acrylic on canvas.

 “Hey, light or darkness…

Hey, peace or tempest…

Hey, tear or laugh…

Hey, love or hatred…

Hey, honesty or lie…



.. I want everything to be crushed and ripped into pieces, flattened and glued onto an endless surface in a way that is simultaneous, shameless, chaotic, obsessive and blind.

Nguyễn Công Cừ, 2016 September”

Dong Phong Art Gallery welcomes you and is proud/happy to be the only representative of Cu’s work in Hanoi.