KVT – Eggzactly as Ordered @ Dong Phong


That eggzactly perfectly minute art gallery has come up with the goods yet again. Mr Long and his accomplices have done what most commercial galleries refuse to do in this precarious art purchasing era… they’ve handed the hanging space to youth. Two young artists to be eggzact. One, 25 year old Nguyen Dinh Son, is a secondary school teacher in Hanoi. The other, 22 year old Do Trong Quy, is a fourth year student at the local Fine Arts University who has ambitions to do a master’s degree in Germany.

The two met when they hung work at a Young Artists’ shindig in 2015 and they’ve shared a studio ever since

Being young, emerging and no doubt callow – as talented youth must be – all of their smallish art works are sensibly priced at $300.

If you’re one of those emerging art collectors who can’t afford the works of the biggies who’ve already made it or the ever hopefuls who are often woefully overpriced, then these two youngsters may eggzactly suit your collection.

Nguyen Dinh Son has four interior scenes in gouache on paper. Two are cafes, one the artist’s bedroom and the other a corner of his studio. All have an intense liveliness that sings aloud.




Do Trong Quy grabbed my attention with whimsically eggy still lifes. Perhaps it’s my infatuation with brown shelled chook eggs!

Luscious oil paint on canvas – and in one delightful scenario, on a wooden box – can’t help but tug at your purse strings.

Mind you, the framing is, to my mind, an eggzactly perfect eye catcher.



Congratulations Mr Long and super friendly Dong Phong. You’ve succeeded yet again.

(KVT - Hanoi Grapevine)